Requirments for the post of Chief Opreting officers, Data Entry opretars, Site Incharge, Supervise, Trainer Helphar etc posts.


Job Opening for the post of Cheif Opreting Officers, Data Entry Opretars, Site Encharge, Superviser, Trainer helphar, Project officers etc post.


Job Opening in RP Infrastructure Consulting Services Industries.

πŸ‘‰Interview & Selection Process - (Notified Soon.)

πŸ‘‰ Job Type       -  Full Time & Part Time

πŸ‘‰Total Vacency.     -       200 (for Full Time Job)

(Unlimited Vacency for Part Time Job)

πŸ‘‰ Gender.        -     Male & Female.

πŸ‘‰Age Limite        -      (18 -  35 ) years.

πŸ‘‰ Educational Qualification :- 10th/12th/Greduate any decipline Recongnised Board/University in India.


πŸ‘‰ Salery.  Rs.15000/- to Rs.25000/- Per Month.

1. for full Time Job One year is training periods, due to training periods your Salery is Rs.15000 - 20000 Per Month, after Complete training you have pramoted the next lavel and your Salary is become Rs.20000 - 25000 Per Month, according to post.

2. For Part time job your salery is depend on your responsibility and doing work, No any fix Salery for Part Time Job, if you have seriously doing work according to company Term & Condition, you can eaisly earn upto Rs.15000 - 20000 Per Month.


πŸ‘‰ Job Location : - 

1. Part Time Job is at Work from home or everywhere according to you, Where is suitable for you to doing Work.

2. Full Time Job is All UP, Jone wise, 

1 - Lucknow,

2 - Kanpur,

3 -  Prayagraj,

4 - Muradabad,

5-  Gaziyabad,

6 - Varansi, 

7 - Gazipur,

8 - Azamgarh 

9 - Pratapgrah

3.Mostly for the Some of the posts we have recomanded for Full Time Job is Jone Wise District in 6th Month training periods, after complete training successfully and you give the best responsbility of Company, you are pramoted and transfer in your home district according to you.


πŸ‘‰Work type :- 

1. For Full time job work is Designing of Infrastructure Buildings, bridges, highways etc and Supervision of the work.

2. For Some Other posts Accounting, Data Entry typing, Sales and Marketing,  Product Distributing in Market, Manage the product in market, according to the post and capibility of doing works.

3. Part time work is Work from home or where is suitable for you, Team making, Data Entry Typing, network marketing, its work is Mobile/Laptop/desktop who is available with you for doing this work.

4. Our Company team always with you to Online Support for part time work or Work from home during doing the work. 

5. Company team always guide, Support and update to you doing for work during working periode.


πŸ‘‰Selection Process :- 

1. Selection Process Will be Face to face Interview or Not any Interview & (Direct Selection Without Interview) according to choice your Work Part Time/Full Time, total Intruction given below.

2. Whoes Candidate Applied The Application Form for For Part time Job, No any Interview for Part time Job.

3. No any Interview for Part time Job. Not need visite to head Office of Company. total work is online, Our Ompany is with you for Support.

4. Our Company team Contect you and told you, How will do the part time job and learnt you online.

5. Whoes Candidate Applied Application form for Full time Job, Our Company team Contect you when selection process is started and Call you for Interview to the Head office of Company to given time.

6. For full time job need to Face to face Interview in Head office of Company to given time.

7. All type work & Selection Process is started On  First week of October 2022.



For any Inquairy Contect us on Official mail id.

(Our Company team is always active and reply fast on your questions.)


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RP Infrastructure Consulting Services Industries.

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