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Our IT Infrastructure Consulting works.

Imagin a future where IT Infrastructure can monitor themselve, predect and responce to future business needs and protect themselves.  👇 Rainvent the foundation of the business In today's digital and cloud based world, the IT Infrastructure business perform only as well as Digital works.  An angile and intellegent infrastructure not only help you adapt chenge quikly, IT Sector powers also innovations and new business models. Whether you're going full-tilt to public cloud or taking a hybrid cloud aproach. we will work with you to develop an IT Infrastructure that's right for needs. 👇 We can help you design and implements a cloud ready infrastructure that will unlock your vesion and unleash unprecedented performances. Cloud Infrastructure Enterprize networks readiness Accenture sureveyed 300 IT and business Executive to learn how ready their networks ability to meet today's demand and future requirments.  We looked at factors driving increase demands on enterprize

Our Major Infrastructure Projects back on track.

👇 After the force break induced by nationwide Covid-19 Lockdown, several prestegious infrastructure and development projects which have groud to a halt have started buzzing with activity again.  With the activity resuming, albiet on a limited scale, the under contruction projects stuck as verious stages could still be completed at a date not farther from their shedule deadline. In a positive sign amid the pendemic blues, some of the key ongoing projects, including the Uttar Pradesh Power Carporation Limited (UPPCL), Indean oil carporation's Limited (IOCL) LPG,. 👇  Terminal project at puthuvyapi, Gas Authority of India Ltd's  (GAIL) pipeline laying works, BPCL'S propylene , Rail and Water, Matero projects are back on track.  Under the GAIL pipeline projects, presently Kolkatta  inside the river crossing works in Hawarah is in progress which is only activity in pending pipeline projects.  Under the Uttar Pradesh Power Carporation Limited (UPPCL), meter installat