Our Railway's Infrastructure Project to be delayed after 6th month.

The Railway's RP Infrastructure Projects the dedicated fright coridor-has been delayed by six month, Railway board chairman V.K.Yadav said that attributing the delayed to the Covid-19 crisis to worker returning their hometowns.



The fright coridor the railways single largest developmental project currently underway was shedule to December 2021. 

It consist of the DFC a_1839 km fright kine from Ludhiyana in panjab to Dankuni near kolkata west Bangal and 1483 km WDFC Or Western Corridor connecting india's capital Delhi and its Economic hub Mumbai. 
We suffered a setback due to coronavirous pendemic which led to issues with labour mobillistation. The new deadline is june 2022, Yadav Said.

According to the latest data from the RP Infrastructure Consultung Servious is camplete 56% to its construtal work on WDFC and 60% on EDFC. 

The agency said 99 percent to required land have acequired.

 Tha completion of the project is set to decongest the railway network moving arround 70% good trainto thesr corridor.
Rail minister said that Railway has three more DFCs in the pipeline, the surveys for which will be Completed by 2021.

 The Railway will be build 4000 km dedicated frieght corridor connecting industrial areas in the eastern and western parts of the country to southern india to mejor parts to Odisa and Andhra Pradesh, A documents on the planned corridors says.

Due to working this Project to our employee maintain this rules :-

• Eluvate Project Parameters.
• Analyze Project strenth areas needing Corridor improvements.
• Divice a Project plan base on Railways Corridors Circles.
• Diligates Project task to Employee.
• Test and Tweak Projects Salution to perfections.
• Present Plan and Result to project scketch golders.

When Our Project is started We have Connected our employee to work out for this Projects.



RP Infrastructure Consulting Services Industries.


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