32m × 50m House design, Design your dream house very Simple method.


 Looke a brief for the architect house designer :



 If you ' re working with an architect, create a design brief for them. 

A design brief is a document that outlines your vision and your requirements for space.The more information you give the architect, the better equipped they'll be to help you create your perfect home.

Include the following information. Your architect may also provide a questionnaire they want you to fill out.


• Budget and time frame :

The architect needs to know what budget you set in step one.

Also let them know how much time you' re willing to spend on the project. If you're not sure how long you should allow, make a guess and discuss it with the architect when you give them the brief.


Lifestyle :

Describe how your new home will be used. Go through your daily routine and write down anything you can think of about what you neede in a living space.

Here are some questions to get you started :    

   • How many people will live in the home

     • Do you have any pets?

     • Will anyone be working from home?

     • Does anyone in the family have special  accessibility requirements?

 • Are you more focused on relaxation            entertainment?

     • How much storage do you need? Any             specific requirements, like bike storage?

     • Do you need a garage? How many cars?

     • Do you ever have guests stay with you? 

     • What are your heating and cooling                  requirements?

     • How important is it to you to be eco-             friendly?


If there's anything you especially like or dislike about your current home or past places you' ve lived, you can put that in the lifestyle description as well.


Don't worry about whether you' re including too much information. The architect wants to get a clear picture of who will be living in the house and what they need to feel happy at home.


• Room requirements :

Start by listing the rooms you need to have in your home. You should have a good list from step three.

Go through the rooms one by one and write about your requirements for each.

Do you have thoughts about which direction you want your living room windows to face? How big should the kitchen be? Do you want a  bathroom attached to the master badroom?


Feel free to get carried away listing your dreams for the house. But list your wishes in order of priority. If they aren't all possible, given youtr bugget, space, and desdline, the architect will start with the most important things.


• Style choice :

Write down the the style choices you made for your home in step four. If there are any particular materials you want to use for your house, like a brick exterior or timber frame, include here.


• Images :

You don't have to rely on words to convey your design ideas. Search the internet for any images you can find that resemble your dream home or desired room designs.

Some homeowners creat printest boards to share with the architect.


• Floor plan :

An architect can take the information in your brief and created plans for your home. But if you want more control over the design, you can also make your own floor plans. We 'll discuss creating a floor plan more in the next step.


Its's still a good idea to work with an architect, they may have suggestions to make your design more realistic or comfortable to live in. They'll also be familiar with local regulation and the housing market.

You and the architect can work together on the final tweaks to your house design.


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