Upcomming Infrastructure Projects by PM Narendra Modi in India 2021.


1. Sagarmala Projects.

Vision of Sagarmala Projects is to reduce logistice cast of EXIM and domestic trade with minimum Infrastructure Investment.

This incluid.


• Reducing the cost of transporting domestic cargo through optimizing modle mix.

 • Lowering Logistics cast of bulk comodeties of locating future Industrial capacties near the coast.

• Improveing the export Compatetiveness by developing port proximate declrate manufacture clusture.


• Optmizing time/cast of EXIM cantainer movements.

As part of sagarmala Projects Programs more than 610 Projects (coast RS 7.78 Lacs cr.) have been identified for implimention, during 2015 - 2035 across the area of moderizations. 



2. Bharatmala Projects.

The development of any nation depends on traportations networks and the ways in which they are maintained the same hold true for the development of a huge and populas nation like India. 

For connecting the areas and maintaing the smooth flow of traffic the construction of new and developed road are must the same will be achived with the implementation of Bharatmal Projects, 


Under the scheme a host of new road will be laid down in the nation.

Bharatmal Pariyojana is a new umbrella program for the highways sector that focus on optamizing efficient of fright and movements across the contry of bridingU critical infrastructure gaps through effective interventions like development of Economic coridors , inter coridors and feeder rouits etc.



Like this many of the Project started this years which is given blow.

3. Mumbai trans Harbour Links, Shivaji Memorials Projects.

4. Arunachal Pradesh on Rail Map.

5. Setu Bhartam Project.

6. Rastriya Rajmarg Zila Sanjoyokta Pariyojana.

7. Inland Waterways Projects.

8. Gujrat - Gorakhpur Gas Pipeline Projects.

9. Chardham - Highway Projects.

10. Hightest Bridge of the world on River Chenab .


In ths many of the project our company want to the project. If our any one of the project is confermed , we have coplete this project very good, and informed to our employee to cimpleting this projects.


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