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IT Project :-

An Information Technology(IT) project is a type of project that deals with Infrastructure, Information Centre of Computers.

Example of an it project Incluide web development, saftware development, mobile app development network confrigretion, software implemation, hardware installation, database management, and IT Emergency recovery.


IT Project Managment :-

IT Project Managments (ITPM) is the planning sheduling, execution monitering and reporting of IT projects. while many industries focuse excusly on IT Projects. IT is the unique in that most, if not all, industries have some lavel of an IT components.

Since they are often very wide in scope, IT Project manager's with deals with risk interpendent indegration, software update scope creen and so on.

therefore, IT project require more than the typical Project management tools and skills to complete the projects.

the specilised IT Project Management software complete with online Gantt Chart, kanban boards, dashboard and report provide the essential functions necessary for Successful IT Project.


The Phase of an IT Projects :-

There are the Six phases of an IT Projects are based on the six phases of IT Projects Managments, which are used in conjuctions with the IT Phases of projects. they are following.


During the first phase of an IT Projects, One must ask,"why is this project needed ?". In other words the objective of projects must be identified. Then a project proposal, including a business plan, that meet needed project must be written.


After the project praposal has been Approved, the project moves into the desfinitions phase, this is where the objective of the project are finalized and the requirment of a successful projects are identified.


The design phase of an IT projects is when the Project team sets out to find the best salution for acheaving their goel. this incluid creating multiple designs the prototype.


the development phase is when the development team asigned tasks and project managment tools are selected. additionally, techanically are outlined, raw materials are requested and so on. the main goel of this phase is to make the entire plan as crystal clear as possible.


The Implemention phase is where the final deliverable of the IT project is developed. this is often the longest phase of the project. the project tean setup Out to Complete their tasks, Where the manager the monitors and control the works, resourse the Cost quality and risks.

Follow up

finally once the implemention phase is complete, the final project is delivered the customers/client/stakeholders. the follow up phase is all the works that comes after the project is delivered, and incluid setting up support teams, training and its users creating a postmorton ultimatly complete the projects.


What does the IT Project manager to do ?

An it Project Manager is responsible to overseeing for Organization an IT Departments and managing to team excute IT project on time and within budget. 

Some of the duties on IT Project Manager's are incluids.

• Setting project goels and creating to plan meet them.

• Maintaining the Project shedule and budget, creating the status reports.

• Manageing the resource, including the team equipment etc.

• Assgning the task to team members.

• Developing the stretgy to deliver projects on tume and within the budgets.

• Using IT Project Management tools to track progress an perfomence.

• Accessing risk and responding adequatly.

• Leading regular meetings with teams and sketholders.

IT project managers expected to have advance knowledge of computers, Opreting systems, network and service desk opretions.

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