Developments your Orgnaistion/Company of All Vendors through New industrial Infrastructure Projects.

What's News :-
Recently, the Cabinet Commettee on Economic Affiars (CCEA) has improved three infrastructure praposal worth 7,725 crore for setting up greenfield industrial cities with connectivity to major transportations carridors.

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The cabinet also approved a modified scheme for intrest subventions for ethanol production expanding the scheme to incluid green based distelries and not just molasses based once.

the scheme would encourage ethenol production from grain like barely maize, corn and rice based and boosed production distillation capicity to 1,000 crore liters and help in meeting the goal of 20% of eathenol bleeding with petrol by 2030.

key points :-
These projects are based on major transportation carridors like eastern & western Dedicated freight, carridors Expressaway and Nation Highways, proximity to ports, airports.

This attrects investments into manufacturing and positions india as a strong player in the Globle value chain.

these project will be generate ample employment Opportunities through developments of industrial corridors.

Industrial Corridors :-
Industrial Corridors offer effective intregation between industry and infrastructure, leading to overall economic and social developments.

Economic signficance :-
Avenues of Exports : the industrial corridors are likely lower the cost of logistics thereby increasing thereby industrial efficiency of industrial production structure, Such as efficiencies lower the cost of production which makes the indian made products more compatative international markets.

Job Opportunities : Development of industrial corridors would attracts investments for the development of industries which is likely to creat more jobs in Markets.

Logistics : These corridors would provide necessary logistics infrastructure needed to reap economics of scale, thus enabling to firms to focus on their area of core compatance.

Investment Opportunities : Industrial corridors provides Opportunities of for private sectors investments in the provisions of verious infrastructure projects associated with the exploitation of industrial opportunity.

Improved Funcotioning : A part from the development of infrastructure long term advantages to business and industries along the corridors incluids benifits arising from smooth access to the industrial production units, decreased transporation and communications costs improve dilivery time reduction in inventry costs.

National Industrial Corridors developments programms :-

Aim : The Goverment of India is developing verious industrial corridors projects as part of the national industrial corridors programms which is aimed at development of futurstics industrial cities in india which van complete with the best manufacturing and investment distinations in the world.

Administration :-
National industrial corridor development and implemention trust (NICDIT) is under the administration control of Departments for pramotion of Industries and internal trad (DPIIT) for cordinated and unified development of all the industrial corridors which are at verious stages of development and implementions.

It is India's most ambitious Infrastructure Projects programming aiming to to develop news industrila cities as "Smart Cities" Converging the next generation techanologies across infrastructure sectors..

11 Industrial corridors projects are being taken up for developments  with 30 projects to be developed in 04 phases up to 2024-25.

Way forwards :-
To make the corridors successful, India has to be part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which will be shaved by a fresh wave of innovation in area such as smart Robotics, Material that are lighter and tougher, and a manufacturing process build around 3D Printing and Analytics.

Industrial corridors will helps india's effort to lead the world in the fourth wave of Industrial revolutions. Effictive execution of this plan could make india take a major leap and the race of developments.


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