Our major Infrastructure Urban development programm in India.

  India has the 2nd largest Urban population In the world and by 2050, around 50% of Infrastructure population i.e. 814 million is expected to luve ib urban. Indian Goverment Launched GeM Goverment E-Marketplace (GeM), where every Cities and Urban or anyone Worked is developed according to that business. Given this scenario the present infrastructure and amenties in cities and towns are not adequate address the expending urbanization process. According to this situations several intenveties wew launched by goverment to pamote urban infrastructure in the country. major intiative is the twin effort on smart City and the Atal Mission of Rejuvention and Urban Transfarmation (AMRAUT) project scheme. The Smart cities Mission :- The smart city mission is the major urban renewal program launched by the Goverment to develop and upgrad living candition and infrastructure to Urban program Selected to 100 cities all over the india. Objective of the program is to moderenize by providing core infras

The best Infrastructure Developments Scheme for All builders and businessman with infrastructure, here's find details Informations.

Infrastructure Developments Programs :-
Infrastructure Developments Programs is the ministry of water Resource, RD & GR has been Approved by the Goverment of marging following for countnuing Schemes.

RP Infrastructure Consulting Services Industries

Land & Building and information techanology plan of Central Ground Water Board.

• Land & Building Plan of Central Water Commission. The Incluid Land & Building works of MOWR, RD & GR also.

• Information Techanology Development Plan of ministry of water Resource RD & GR.

e-Goverment plan of the ministry of water Resource RD & RC.

• Ministry of Micro & small, Mediam Enterprises (MSME) or Udyam Adhar.

In this plan any industries minimum investment and earned more, and developed your businessess. During this plan periods a total of Rs. 300.26 Crore for Land & Building and Rs. 50 crore of IT Components has been Approved.

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) :-
Goverment of India (GoI) has adopted the cluster developments Approach as a key streatgy for enchancing and productivity and compatativeness as well as capacity of building, Micro and Small Enterprizes (MSEs) and their collective in the country.
A cluster is a group of enterprizes located within an identifiable and as for as Practicable continous area and producing Same/Smaller Product/Services.

CWC - Land & Building :- During this plan periods 20 Projects of CWC were Approved at the total outlay of Rs.120 crore, Out of these, three projects were completed and rest or continuing.

CGWB - Information Techanology :- 
Under IT plan of CGWB, it has been envisgised to estiblished an Enterprise-wise unified single window web based system where in the centralized reponsitary of data.
Document work flow and knowledge would be created using internet and wirehousing Techanologies/Tools and Applications. Unified Consolidated and Centralised repository along with Associated Applications would realesed the Concept of the paper less copy.

e-Governance :-
the national e-Governance plan (NeGP) of Goverment of India seeks to lay the foundations and provid the imputes for long term growth of e-Governance within the country.
this is also being envigesed Under the ambit of Digital India Program insited by Goverment of India the plan seeks to creat the the right governance and insititutnal Mechanism, Set up the core Infrastructure policies the outcome of e-Governance plan under the ID Scheme will be.

• Creating right governance and institutnal Mechanism for better policy outcome and higher quality services.

• Computrization og Goverments departments to pramote citizens - Centric Services Oriented and paperless office (e-office) etc.

• Increase responciveness and prompetness and transparency by using Informations and Communitatios Techanologies (ICT).

• Long Time grouth of e-Governamce to improve the dilevery of public services and process of accessing them.

In order to realease the abouve outcome during the privious plan periods, following e-major Governance iniciative have been taken.

e-office has been implemented in the ministry file works is being done online as for as possible.

• Online stationary system has been operationalized.

• The MIS for monitering the progress of 99 Projects under PMKSY Scheme has been prepred and made public.

• PMO or VIP Refrences Monitering System has been implimed.

• e-procurment has been implimented in the ministry.

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