Goverment Launch, GeM Portal to all Infrastructure, Enterpriniours or other businessman to pramote your business very easy.

GeM Portal Mission & Value :-
Mission of GeM portal : Enterpreniourship is an essentail driver of Sociatel health and wealth. It is also a formidable Engine of Economic growth. It pramotes the essentail innovation required not only to expoite new opportunities, pramote productivity and creat employments.

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Note :-
1. you have already registered GeM Portal ?
2. Are pramote your business and (Sell & buy) your products.
3. Are you take e-tender to Govt. directly and pramote your business.
If you want to do this type work, mail on my registered email id for inquary.
We have providing you to Govt. E-tender list to state wise, Pan India and your industry type.
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It is also addressed some some of society greatest challenges Such as the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) or the economic shockwave created by the COVID-19 or Corona Virus Pendemic.

The Pramotion of enterpreniourship will be central to multiple goverments worldwide for the firebase for the future, specielly considering the significant negative impects on economics due to the pendemic.

GeM Carries out survey-based research on Enterpreniourship and Enterpreniourship ecosystems around the world. GeM is the Network Consourtum of National country teams primarily associated with TOP Acedemic institutions.

GeM is the only globle reserch soure that collect data on enterpriniourship directly form induvidual enterpreniours. GeM tools and data are therefore unique and benifits numerous sketcholder groups by becoming invalved with GeM.

Acedemics : Acedemics are able to apply unique methadological Approaches to studying enterpriniourship at the national level.

Policymakers : GeM Policymakers are able to make better informed decisions to help enterpreniour and enterpreniourail ecosystem thrive.
Enterpreniours : For Enterpriniour GeM Portal have better knowledge on where to invest somtimes scares resource and how to influience key stakeholders, so that they get the support they need.

Sponsors : Sponcers both advance their organisational intrests and gain a higher profile through their association with GeM.

• International Orginations : On GeM portal International Organisation leverages insights, but can also incarporate or integrate GeM Indicators to their own data sets, or use GeM data as a benchmark for their own Analysis.

GeM has an impressive and highly credible track records in No. GeM reports.

• 22years data allowing longitudinal Analysis in and across geographics on multiple levels.

• upto 200,000 interview annually with experts and adults populations including enterpriniour of all ages.

• Date from 115 economics on all containts across the world. 

• Collabration with the over 500 specilist in enterpriniour reserch.

• Involvement of some 300+ Acedemic and research institutions.

• Support from more than 200 funding institutions.

In Short details GeM begain in 1999 as a joint research projects between Babson college (USA) and Londan Business school (UK). the coustrium has become the richest source of realiable of information the state of enterpreniourship.
Values of GeM Portal :-
At the GeM annual meeting in march 2020, representative of the entire consortaium worked intrectively on GeM core values we aligined on the following values.
This statement we act with the honesty to diliver benifits for all our stakeholders, Acedemic, policymakers, enterpreniours, sponcers and insitutions.

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